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What is Kilo Outsider?

Here is a simple truth. Everyone has lots of dreams and goals. But when you are sick, you have just one – to be healthy. That’s why we created Kilo Outsider – a monthly source of curated health news that helps you learn how the latest technology and innovation makes people feel better. Take it as a supplement every month.

The idea is not to invent the wheel. We are not competing with BBC or CNN – instead, we use them (and multiple other reliable sources) as a starting point, and compile a list of the most important information to save you time.
With Kilo Outsider, you will spend only 10 minutes each month and learn everything there is to know about health and wellness. We provide our subscribers with visually appealing and up-to-date information in the form of videos, infographics, reports, and articles.

Our teams work hard to ensure you could continue your discussion with your business partner, colleague, or a family member on how the health industry is changing and how we can adapt to this transformation.

Agne Belopetrovic
Market Intelligence Analyst
and Creator of Kilo Outsider